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Sportsmanship is another life skill that can be developed through sports. Children learn that it is not okay to put others down, specifically after the other person or team loses. This includes name calling, taunting, fighting and many other things.

Children who participate in doing art handicrafts have the benefit of making friends and sharing their interests with them. He may discuss ideas with fellow classmates on how to do the arts, and friendships develop in the process.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to selecting face painting designs for children. Designs can be simple or elaborate depending on our activity time schedule.

Swimming helps children socially develop as they interact with kids their own age.

Mother Care celebrates each child birthday.

We introduce your child to the wonders of the kitchen. Even if it’s little things like setting the table, it's a beginning. We start their adventure on how to bake. Trying catering techniques can be fun for the children.Fetching utensils and stirring ingredients are fun to small children. Measuring ingredients like sugar and flour properly are invaluable lessons to any future career. This is the time to teach them.

Planting Day is an activity wherein we teach the children on how to love the nature. We teach them how to value the plants and trees around them. We also teach them to pick up their trash and throw it on the right place or trash can.

Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. It is a good way for children to enjoy and at the same time exercise their body. Dancing builds strength for the children's body. Dancing is a social activity. Children will find dancing a bonding time with their friends and teachers.

These are all things that children do during Open Day Activity. The activity is outside the nursery. Children will play with their classmates and teachers. While playing, children willl also learn. This activity is a great way of learning and bonding between the children, teachers and nannies. Nannies are always beside the children all throughout the activity.

Learning can be easy for children when you do it on the way they want it. In the nursery, our teachers encourage the children to play while learning. This can be easy for the child to remember and learn. Teachers and children will also have a great bonding time.